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Can you help?

The school governing body currently has two vacancies.  These are what are known as ‘co-opted’  positions – they allow the governors to appoint others who will bring skills and expertise to the group.  They may or may not be parents or family members of children at the school.  If you can think of anyone who might be interested please contact the school to find out more and we can arrange to discuss it.

School Forum

What is School Forum?
A way of children communicating with staff about new ideas.

What do we do at a School Forum assembly ?
Discuss new ways to make the school better.

What do we do at a School Forum meeting ?
We work in groups to discuss ideas and what we might do.

What is “3 stars” ?
At School Forum meetings we make a list of things that are going well in school, and
choose 3 each meeting.

Why do we do “3 stars” ?
So that we can continue and do more of the things that go well in school.