Holme Junior & Infant School

Class DOJO

 As part of our positive behaviour management approach we use Class Dojo throughout school. Children earn points which add towards class totals. ClassDojo points can be allocated by any member of staff throughout school.

Children can gain points in the following categories:

  • Helping others (1 point); 
  • On task (1 point); 
  • Participating (1 point); 
  • Persistence (1 point); 
  • Teamwork (1 point); 
  • Working hard (1 point). 


 Points are also awarded for showing our 'Shine Bright Values'

  • Being aspirational (1 point);
  • Being adventurous (1 point);
  • Being creative (1 point);
  • Being resilient (1 point);
  • Being respectful (1 point);
  • Being independent (1 point).

 Prizes based on our class totals have been decided in consultation with pupils.




At Holme JI School we use an app called Seesaw throughout school as an interactive learning platform. It is a simple way for teachers and pupils to record and share what's happening in the classroom. Seesaw gives pupils a place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology. Each child gets their own online journal. Children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, they and will add and create photos, videos, drawings, or presentations independently. When there are new Seesaw posts, families can be notified via app notification. Parents are only notified about their own child’s work, and all data is safe and secure.