Holme Junior & Infant School

As staff (and many of us also being parents!) we understand the trials and tribulations of having children. The last few years and the unforeseen and difficult circumstances surrounding the pandemic, thrust us all into home learning and educating children ourselves. The impact of this and other factors in our daily lives, such as the cost of living crisis, have put additional strain on parents and we understand that this can come with many challenges and a mix of emotions.


As a school we often come across parents who we have been able to support with difficult emotions around their children, sometimes being unaware that what they are experiencing is anxiety. This is common and affects many parents around the country, so you are not alone in having these worries! We want to pro-actively support these parents and ask that you read our section on the causes and effects of parental anxiety and how we can provide support. If you feel you might benefit from some help or advice we will of course do so in a sensitive and confidential manner. 


Anxiety is the most common emotional problem in children. Just like adults, children and young people feel worried and anxious at times. But if your child's anxiety is starting to affect their wellbeing, they may need some help. Their happiness and well being is of paramount importance to us and we are here to support you and your child wherever possible. 


This year we are also focussing on resilience and independence of the children in school. We have created sections to give parents advice as to how they can support their children at home in order to allow their children to become as resilient and independent as possible. This in turn will support with their learning in school, will also improve attitudes to learning and help create capable, confident, happy young people who can recover quickly from setbacks.


We always urge parents to contact us if they feel they need support so we can come to an amicable solution. Our Wellbeing Lead in school is Miss Keeling. As a parent, you are able to contact her directly: lesley.keeling@holmejischool.co.uk if you have any concerns around your child's or your own mental health and wellbeing. Miss Keeling is here to support all stakeholders, not just the children. Please note that any communications with Miss Keeling may need to be shared with Mr Bond and Miss Wood if she has any concerns about welfare, to ensure we are fulfilling our duty of care to the children and to you as a parent.


Staff wellbeing is also paramount to us and we recognise that our school can come with its own challenges. The staff in school work extremely hard to give the children the best education and experiences possible, which is a strength of our school being the size it is. Even though we have a small number of children, as a school, we still have to fulfil all the duties that larger schools do but with a lot less staff. This in itself can add additional pressures. Also teaching up to four year groups in one class and ensuring appropriate differentiation is far from easy. We ask that parents do recognise these challenges and that the staff are doing all they can to support the children to the best of their ability. It is recognised that the staff don't always get things right and at times this may involve a meaningful discussion. All staff at Holme always go above and beyond the call of duty as we all care immensely about the children and everyone within our school community and will do what we can to support. Giving the maximum amount of time to focussing on their education is our ultimate aim so this is why we would encourage you to read the articles below in order to support the school and children to become the very best we can be.


Please remember we are always here and are just an e-mail or phone call away if you would like to request support around yours or your child's mental health and wellbeing.


Information for parents and carers about their children's wellbeing and resilience

Wide range of downloadable publications on keeping children safe with you or out alone.

Information for parents on keeping children safe and emotional wellbeing

Bereavement website for children and their parents. Downloadable resources available.

Information for parents and young people on all aspects of mental health and emotional wellbeing.

NHS advice and information about talking to your child about feelings.

Leaflet for parents identifying key stages in your child’s emotional development from The Child Psychotherapy Trust.