Holme Junior & Infant School


Maths Leader: Mrs Broughton


Aspirational: We believe that every child has the potential to achieve greatness in mathematics. Our mathematics programme is designed to inspire ambition and set high expectations for our learners. We encourage our pupils to aim for the stars and provide them with the tools and support they need to reach their mathematical aspirations. 

Adventurous: Mathematics is an adventure waiting to be explored. We encourage our pupils to embrace the challenge of discovering mathematical concepts and solving problems. We foster a sense of curiosity and a willingness to take risks in their mathematical journey, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and explore uncharted territory. 

Creative: Mathematics is not a rigid set of rules but a playground for creative thinking. We promote an environment where pupils can express their creativity through mathematical problem-solving. We believe that there are multiple pathways to understanding mathematical concepts, and we encourage our pupils to explore these diverse approaches. 

Resilient: The path to mathematical proficiency is often filled with hurdles. We teach our pupils the importance of resilience and persistence in the face of challenges. We believe that making mistakes is a valuable part of the learning process, and we encourage our pupils to view setbacks as opportunities for growth. 

Respectful: Mathematics fosters respect for precision, accuracy, and the contributions of others. We teach our pupils to approach mathematics with respect, both for the subject itself and for their fellow learners. We value collaboration, teamwork, and a respectful exchange of ideas in our mathematics community. 

Independent: We empower our pupils to become independent thinkers and problem solvers. We provide them with the skills and knowledge to tackle mathematical challenges on their own, instilling confidence in their abilities and fostering a sense of self-reliance. 


Our vision is to cultivate mathematicians who are not only proficient in mathematical skills but who also embody these values. We aim to develop learners who are aspirational in their mathematical pursuits, adventurous in their exploration of mathematical concepts, creative in their problem-solving, resilient in the face of challenges, respectful of the subject and their peers, and independent thinkers who are well-prepared for a future where mathematical literacy is essential. 

Through these values, we aspire to equip our pupils with the mathematical confidence and competence necessary to excel in the 21st century and make a positive impact on the world. 


Mastery and Aspiration: Our curriculum is designed to ensure every pupil achieves a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Our curriculum is structured to enable all learners to master foundational skills before progressing to more advanced topics.

Mastery and Adventure: Mathematics becomes an adventurous exploration, with carefully sequenced lessons allowing pupils to progress at their own pace. The excitement of discovery and mastery is integral, ensuring a continuous and individualised progression.

Mastery and Creativity: Creativity is embraced in problem-solving. By providing opportunities for open-ended tasks and varied problem-solving approaches, we empower pupils to think creatively within the framework of a solid mathematical foundation.

Mastery and Resilience: Resilience is cultivated through overcoming challenges in the pursuit of mastery. Our learning environment reinforces concepts until securely understood, viewing mistakes as valuable feedback for improvement.

Mastery and Respect: Precision, accuracy, and a deep understanding of mathematical principles are instilled, emphasising the importance of mastering concepts before progressing. Collaboration and respectful dialogue are encouraged in achieving shared mathematical goals.

Mastery and Independence: Independence is a central theme, empowering pupils to become self-reliant learners. The mastery approach allows individual progression, providing the tools and resources needed for pupils to independently tackle mathematical challenges.

Long Term Plans

Welcome to the world of mathematics at Holme Junior and Infant School, where our long-term overviews have been meticulously crafted to bring the beauty and excitement of numbers, patterns, and problem-solving to every child. Our approach is not just about meeting the standards set by the National Curriculum for each year group; it's about creating a journey that aligns with the philosophy of a spiral curriculum — a continuous, upward progression that revisits and deepens key concepts over time.

Class 1 (Year R-2)

Class 2 (Year 3-4)

Class 2 (Year 5-6)

Small Steps

Designed with precision, these plans take small, purposeful steps to create a coherent and logical progression through the world of mathematics. Carefully sequenced and paired with their sister year groups, these plans cater to our unique split class structures, fostering collaboration and enhancing the learning experience. Our commitment to a Quality First Teach is evident in the close alignment of learning objectives to each input of the lesson, ensuring high-quality, targeted instruction. With a focus on White Rose Maths principles, these plans provide a solid foundation for mastery, emphasising depth of understanding and problem-solving skills. As your child engages with our medium-term plans, they embark on a collaborative and empowering mathematical journey, building confidence, deepening understanding, and developing a genuine love for the world of numbers. Welcome to a place where every small step is a purposeful stride toward mathematical mastery at Holme Junior and Infant School.

Class 1 (Year R-2)

Class 2 (Year 3-4)

Class 2 (Year 5-6)

Our Mathematics Lesson Cycle

Welcome to the dynamic rhythm of our mathematics lesson cycle at Holme Junior and Infant School, a journey designed to ignite curiosity, build fluency, and foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Each lesson unfolds in a three-part starter, beginning with focused arithmetic practice to strengthen foundational skills. Following this, we delve into number practice or comprehensive revision, employing quick-fire number facts or a number story. The cycle progresses seamlessly into the exploration of counting, offering purposeful multiplication and division practice. As we transition into the core of the lesson, we embrace representation and structure, nurturing fluency through diverse approaches, and weaving in elements of variation to cultivate a rich understanding of mathematical principles. With a dedicated focus on reasoning and problem-solving, our lessons encourage critical thinking and application of knowledge. To wrap up each session, a stimulating challenge awaits, inspiring our young mathematicians to stretch their capabilities and embrace the joy of conquering new mathematical horizons.


At Holme Junior and Infant School, we employ a robust assessment strategy, utilising both formative and summative assessments to effectively gauge the impact of our mathematics curriculum.

Summative assessments, outlined in our long-term plans and mapped at the end of each term, serve as crucial benchmarks for pupil attainment. Our reliance on NFER assessments further enhances this process, providing standardised and age-standardised scores that not only benchmark pupil performance nationally but also enable meaningful comparisons within and between pupil groups. This data guides our teaching practice, identifying potential gaps in knowledge or skills that inform targeted interventions and the general revision starter tasks in lessons, facilitating effective gap closure.

Formative assessments, underpinned by our mastery approach to mathematics, underscores our commitment to ensuring everyone can learn and enjoy mathematics. Our curriculum design ensures a coherent progression, while lesson design links to prior learning and carefully sequences steps to build secure understanding. Formative assessment occurs throughout each lesson, with examples, representations, and models selected to expose the structure of concepts and emphasise connections. Procedural fluency and conceptual understanding are developed in tandem, and the importance of targeted practice is recognised. In our classroom, whole-class interactive teaching fosters mastery, encouraging thinking, reasoning, and application. Precise mathematical language enables effective communication of reasoning, and timely identification of any conceptual gaps ensures systematic intervention. Deep understanding of key ideas is prioritised, and the mastery approach ensures key facts are learned to automaticity, promoting a focus on new learning without cognitive overload. At Holme, our comprehensive assessment strategy, blending summative and formative approaches, ensures a dynamic and impactful mathematics learning experience for every child.

Mathematics Policy

At the heart our maths curriculum, are our six 'Shine Bright Values', which underpin all aspects of our school community. Our mathematics policy is deeply rooted in our commitment to cultivate a learning environment where every child is empowered to thrive.

Early Mathematicians

At Holme Junior and Infant School, our approach to Early Maths goes beyond the Early Learning Goals (ELGs), ensuring that our EYFS children are exceptionally prepared for their journey into KS1 and beyond. We adopt a bespoke curriculum based on the White Rose Maths scheme, seamlessly integrating our young mathematicians with KS1 children for maths, laying a robust foundation for their future learning.

Our EYFS children have access to carefully mapped out provision that cleverly aligns with both the ELGs and the additional maths objectives offered by White Rose Maths. This ensures that they not only meet but exceed the expected standards for their age group, setting them on a path to success as they progress through their academic journey.

Through our small steps approach, we prioritise skill progression and conceptual understanding, ensuring that each child receives the support and challenge they need to thrive. We offer a range of additional support and enrichment opportunities, including targeted questioning and scaffolds, to cater to the diverse learning needs of our young learners, fostering a love for learning and exploration in mathematics from the very beginning.

By providing this comprehensive and tailored Early Maths provision, we empower our EYFS children to develop a strong mathematical foundation, enabling them to confidently tackle KS1 and beyond with ease. At Holme Junior and Infant School, we are committed to nurturing confident and capable mathematicians from the earliest stages of their education.

Calculation Policy

Our calculation policy at Holme Junior and Infant School aligns seamlessly with the principles of White Rose Maths, providing a clear and cohesive approach to teaching mathematical calculations. Rooted in the mastery philosophy, our policy emphasises a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and fosters procedural fluency. By following the White Rose Maths policies, we ensure a systematic and progressive development of calculation skills, allowing students to confidently navigate various mathematical operations. This policy serves as a foundational guide, promoting consistency and excellence in the teaching and learning of calculations across all year groups at Holme.