Holme Junior & Infant School

Our Vision and Values

Holme Junior and Infant School is a small rural school that works hand-in-hand with families playing an integral part in the local community and ensuring our children grow up as responsible citizens of the 21st century developing respect for everyone and everything. We ensure the environment is safe, healthy and inclusive and free from prejudice and discrimination where all feel valued and supported.

Our Shine Bright Values encompass everything we do. We believe that our children at Holme should foster these values in order to become well-rounded citizens, not only in our school but also in wider society. Our values are threaded into our everyday lives at Holme and is interwoven into our daily teaching and learning. We celebrate our values during our weekly Celebration Assemblies and have our weekly 'Shine Bright Values' award. 

Our Shine Bright Values board celebrates all that our children do outside of school. These are discussed and celebrated in our weekly Celebration Assembly and we ensure the children take pride of place. Dancing to swimming, driving to charity work and even farming, we have had and celebrate it all!